List of Topics
for our presentations:

Who Are the Jews?
What does the Bible say about the Jewish
people?  What does the rest of the world think
about the Jews, and why?  What is the mission
of the Jews?   

The Coming of the Messiah
The most anticipated event in world history,
but what are we waiting for?  Here is a
classical Jewish perspective on the nature of
the Messiah and the Messianic Era.

A Jewish Perspective on the Holocaust.
How do we make sense of the greatest tragedy
in modern Jewish history? What do traditional
Jewish sources and historical events reveal?

The Truth: Who's Got It?
A comparative look at how people differ in
their approach to that age old quest for the

Judaism 101
What are the basic beliefs and practices of
traditional Judaism? Are they relevant and
applicable today?

The Ten Commandments   

The Torah: The Tree of Life   

Moses: the Supreme Prophet
Who was Moses?  An inside look at the great
leader, law-giving and prophet of the Jews.  

The Sabbath: A Temple in Time   

Answering Missionaries
Who are these missionaries and who are their
targets?  How do missionaries use the Bible to
convince Jews that Jesus is the Messiah?